St. C's Young Professionals


Our "St. C's Young Professionals" fellowship group is a place to meet new friends, gather for good conversation, eat together, explore all that Chicago has to offer and discuss the mysteries of faith. The group has informal gatherings to get to know one another and grow in fellowship through social events. Activities include brunch after the 11:00 AM service and wine night at one of the group member's homes with the potential to plan service oriented activities to give back to the community, like the Day of Service we offered on January 15, 2018 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—VIDEO HERE about the project

We invite you to join us soon...and provide your contact info below.

Coming Events

SUNDAY, FEB. 11 Book Club Brunch | Noon at Hash-a-Go Go, 1212 N. State Parkway
We are reading Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help, And How to Reverse It by Robert D. Lupton. As Christians we are taught to give; is there such a thing as giving too much? Discussion with Christian development strategist Shanel Allen Debela. 

SUNDAY, FEB. 25 Theology on Tap | Noon at 3rd Coast, 1260 N. Dearborn
Meaningful Relationships: In our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, it is often difficult to intentionally cultivate meaningful relationships/friendships. We will examine and learn from key relationships in the Bible with Professor Jared.

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