Parish Life


Worship Ministries

For more information on participating in Worship Ministries, LINK HERE.

Vestry of St. Chrysostom's

For more information on the Vestry of St. Chrysostom's, LINK HERE.

Women of St. Chrysostom's (WOSC)

The Women of St. Chrysostom's is a vibrant fellowship that has actively served the parish for over 120 years. From fundraisers to social outings, inspirational speakers and activities for all ages, WOSC’s events are designed to bring people together to establish and maintain friendships. For more information on the Women of St. Chrysostom's, LINK HERE.


For more information on the Committees, LINK HERE.

Alpha / Bravo Men's Groups

For more information on the The Alpha / Bravo Men's Groups, LINK HERE.

Men's Fellowship Group

For more information on the Men's Fellowship Group, LINK HERE.

Parents & Tots

Our "St. C's Parents & Tots" fellowship group is a group of young families gathering together with their babies & children. The group goes on stroller parades around the neighborhood, ventures to nearby parks, and gets together for playdates and other family friendly activities. For more information and to find out about our next event, contact the parish office at

St. C's Young Professionals

For more information on the St. C's Young Professionals, LINK HERE.

Get Involved

We would love to hear from you on how you would like to be more involved in the Parish life. Please complete the volunteer form  or reach out to Ian Fielding at