Dear Members and Friends of St. Chrysostom’s,

“The local parish is the hope of the world.” In her recent visit to Chicago, the Rev. Carol Anderson, former long-time rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, CA, used this phrase to insist on the power of the local congregation when it tends to its deepest calling by the living God.

 The local parish is the hope of the world. This may sound dramatic or self-important, but when the Church is at its best, it becomes the most powerful engine of hope for a lonely and hurting world.

The local parish reminds you who you are and whose you are. It calls you to the adventure of a lifetime in service to the living God. It stretches you to recognize the dignity of every human being. It empowers you to be a force of healing and wholeness. It surprises you with gifts of new life. It models how to share a meal with the Other. It sets you free and inspires you to set others free. It encounters you with beauty and joy and delight. It embraces all of you and makes you able to embrace others. It encourages you to live life to the fullest. It refreshes you, renews you, even rebirths you.

In order to live into this vocation to be the hope of the world, St. Chrysostom’s is focusing on renewal in the coming year. Personal and spiritual renewal through transcendent worship, life-giving small groups, engagement with the needs of Chicago, and loving friendships. And renewal of our one-hundred-year old buildings and all the spaces in them so we can become a hub for God’s work in the world.

We hope you will join up in this renewal effort so our local parish can live into its deepest calling to be the hope of the world. To make a financial pledge commitment to the Annual Campaign for mission and ministry, please fill out and return the enclosed pledge card by November 20, 2016, or make a pledge commitment online at

Yours in gratitude,
Kevin Matzke, Chair of the Stewardship Committee
Mary Ellen Christy, Chair of the Stewardship Committee and Founding Headmistress of the Day School
Wes Smedley, Rector of St. Chrysostom’s Church