The Sunday School at St. Chrysostom’s welcomes children age three through twelve on Sunday mornings during the 10:00 AM Christian Formation hour. Beginning Church School at 10:00 AM allows children to attend the 9:00 AM Eucharist or the 11:00 AM Eucharist or 11 AM Morning Prayer (2nd and 4th Sundays). The goal of our church school program is to have fun while learning the stories of the Bible and the history of the church, and for our children to be integrated into the whole life of the church community.

For younger children, the Godly Play, Holy Moly and Connect curriculums draw on storytelling, dialogue and activities that honor our children’s curiosity and creativity. Using music, seasonal themes, art, ritual and prayer, children learn about Scripture and worship and participate in group activities. 

Sunday School programs for children include:

St. Chrysostom’s Sunday School meets in the Undercroft. 

Throughout the year, we gather for FORMATIVE EVENTS which provide a holistic approach to the spiritual growth and engagement of our young people.