The Organs


The Fisk Organ

In 2004, our Fisk Organ, Opus 123, arrived from Gloucester, Massacusetts. It was the culmination of a ten-year project to replace our Moeller organ. The pipes were carried into the church by 102 parishioners and friends. The 8’ principal was first played in October and the organ was finished in February, 2005.  It was officially dedicated at Morning Prayer on February 25th. Daniel Roth, Organiste Titulaire of St. Sulpice, Paris, played the Dedicatory Recital that afternoon to a standing-room-only audience. The Fisk is now heard weekly at the principal services of the parish and in concerts.

These are the Fisk’s specifications: Great Prestant 16'; Octave 8’; Spre Flute 8’; Octave 4’; Open Flute 4’; Fifteenth 2’; Mixture IV-VI 1 1/3’; Trompette 8’; Swell; Viole de gambe 8’; Voix celeste 8’; Flute traversiere 8’; Bourdon 8’; Principal 4’; Octavin 2’; Cornet II; Plein jeu IV 2’; Bombarde 16’; Trompette 8’; Hautbois 8’; Pedal; Contrebasse 16’; Soubasse 16’; Octave 8’; Bourdon 8’; Superoctave 4’; Trombone 16’; Trumpet 8’. 24 voices, 33 ranks; 1,729 pipes.

The Fisk has direct mechanical action except for certain large bass pipes. The casework is free-standing in two cases at the east end of the church. The case is in African mahogany and the console in quarter-sawn white oak. The front pipes are polished, hammered lead. The keydesk has 58 keys CC-a3, naturals of cowbone, sharps of ebony. The pedalboard has 30 keys CC-11. The Fisk has combination action with solid state logic and multi-level combination action. The Stop action is electrically-controlled solenoids. It has a tremulant, wind stabilizer and balanced swell pedal. 

Other Organs

There have been other organs besides the Fisk at St. Chrysostom's. In 1894, a 2-manual organ by W.W. Kimball & Co, followed by a Hook & Hastings organ in 1896 and a 3-manual tubular-pneumatic-action organ by Kimball donated by Mrs. Aurelia Senn. A letter from Mrs. Senn in the church files states “I have taken the liberty of purchasing a fine organ by H.H. Kimball.”

In 1922, the Kimball organ was rebuilt and enlarged by LaMarche Brothers and a new console was built by The Austin Organ Company. In 1953, a new 3-manual organ of 35 ranks was built by Casavant Freres, Ltd., followed by the Moeller 4-manual organ of 90 ranks in 1979, which incorporated the Casavant pipework and windchests.