This is the rule of most perfect Christianity, its most exact definition, its highest point: namely, the seeking of the common good. For nothing can so make a person an imitator of Christ as caring for neighbors. - (John Chrysostom: monastic, preacher, bishop; 349-407 AD/CE)

 The people of St. Chrysostom's are a caring and responsive community engaging the city of Chicago, the nation and the world.

According to The Book of Common Prayer, "The Church pursues its mission as it prays and worships, proclaims the Gospel, and promotes justice, peace and love." (p 855)

In hopes of living into the mission of the Episcopal Church, we participate in a wide variety of service ministries in our neighborhood, throughout our city and around the world.


We engage our neighborhood by feeding those who are hungry, working through addiction and may just be struggling to make ends meet.

St. Chrys Kitchen

Feed the hungry in our community. LEARN more and VOLUNTEER for ST CHRYS KITCHEN.

Twelve Step Programs

St. Chrysostom's hosts several Twelve Step programs. LEARN more by LINKING HERE.


We engage our city by financially supporting and volunteering at several of the Episcopal Charities and Community Services agencies and other places concerned about Chicago that are actively changing lives throughout Chicago. 

Deborah's Place

St. Chrysostom’s Church has had an association of long standing with Deborah’s Place,an organization which began in 1985 as Chicago’s first year-round overnight emergency shelter for women. LEARN MORE and VOLUNTEER to serve the women of Deborah's Place.

Justice in the City

This committee meets periodically to support agencies working for justice in our community and throughout the city of Chicago. LEARN about agencies being SUPPORTED this year.

Revive's Christmas Baskets

St. Chrysostom's has participated in the ReVive (formerly Cathedral Shelter) Christmas Basket Program for many years. This program helps a range of people including singles, homeless, families and seniors. SEE how this ministry celebrates the SPIRIT OF THE SEASON of Christmas.


We respond to the suffering in our world by providing welcome and hospitality to a refugee family through our partnership with refugeeONE. We engage our world by serving along side our sisters and brothers in Christ in Mexico and the Republic of South Sudan. 

Refugee Project with refugeeONE

LEARN more about our partnership with refugeeONE.

Diocese of Southeast Mexico

LEARN about our partnership with the DIOCESE OF SOUTHEAST MEXICO.

Diocese of Renk, South Sudan

LEARN MORE about the Diocese of Chicago's partnership with the DIOCESE OF RENK, South Sudan.

Whether for the immediate neighborhood, an Episcopal mission in Chicago’s Hispanic communities, or parishes in Mexico, we have dedicated volunteers who do God’s work for the benefit of others. We see these opportunities as ways to engage more current parishioners and potential new members of our church in the service and fellowship that these activities offer.