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Chiapas Project

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Among the important outreach activities in our parish is participation in an informal coalition with members of several Chicago parishes working together as the "Chiapas Project" in the Chicago Diocese Companionship relationship with the Diocese of Southeast Mexico. This coalition includes parishioners from St. Chrysostom's, the Cathedral, Church of our Savior, Holy Comforter, and may others.  

Charged in 2000 by Bishop Benito with the support of diocese activities in Chiapas, since then members of the Chiapas Project have made annual visits to two missions in Chiapas: St. Benito de Nursia, St. Christobal, and St Marcos at Yochib in the Mayan highlands and occasional visits to two children's homes: the Hogar Infantil in Ocozocoactia and the Mission Mexico in Tapachula (  

The Project has staged two major fundraisers to provide resources for the purchase of the site for the church in Yochib, student scholarships, on-going weekly English and health-care classes there, the Bishop's appeal for priest's salaries, and donations to the children's homes.  The Project works closely with part-time residents of San Cristobal: Louanna Furbee and Bob Bemfer from Calvary Episcopal Church in Columbia, Mo., and with Padre Florencio Gonzalez Onorio and his wife Hermalinda and Deacon Charles Parker.

Currently Charles Stewart and Judy Bross are heading up the Chiapas Project. 

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