Day School

St. Chrysostom’s Day School

ST. CHRYSOSTOM'S DAY SCHOOL is Chicago’s only Episcopal Day School. Established in 1974 with 27 students and three staff members, the Day School now serves more than 160 students, ages 22 months to 5 years, in six programs with a faculty/staff team of 20. A member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools and licensed by the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois, St. Chrysostom's Day School is an inclusive preschool that welcomes all children and families, regardless of faith or race. MORE HERE


Since opening its doors in 1974, St. Chrysostom's Day School has earned a reputation for:

> Providing an extraordinary level of teacher attention to students.
> Nurturing lasting friendships among parents and families and children.
> Offering service to the wider community.

Families of many faith traditions and beliefs choose St. Chrysostom's Day School for its play-based curriculum and distinctive values:

> Cultural and developmental diversity is a value and is celebrated in the curriculum.
> We are committed to the community we serve and offer educational programs to parents, as well as to children.
> We provide superior early childhood education with our developmentally appropriate programs.
> We celebrate each child's mind, body and spirit.
> We are dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of our students in an exciting and encouraging learning environment.
> Every child is recognized, valued, and supported by their teachers and peers as they each build a sense of self.


In 1973, Mrs. Mary Ellen Christy approached St. Chrysostom’s Church Rector Bob Howells and Senior Warden Bill Leff about starting a parish-based preschool for parish and neighborhood families. With a modest contribution from the Vestry (the Church's Board) and a community member’s generous donation, St. Chrysostom’s secured appropriate licenses from the City of Chicago Department of Buildings and the State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

In September 1974, the Day School, led by Mrs. Christy as its Founding Headmistress, opened its doors with three staff members and 27 students enrolled in a half-day program. Since that time, the Day School has operated as an unincorporated parish day school that is wholly owned by the Church; under canon law, the Day School is governed by the Vestry and the Rector. The Day School’s advisory board is a committee of the Vestry of St. Chrysostom’s reporting to the Wardens and the Vestry. Advisory board members serve at the pleasure of the Vestry. The Rector retains the ultimate authority for the Day School including the responsibility for hiring the headmistress.

Kimberly Kazmerski
Kelly Newhall
Christopher Quinn
The Reverend Wes Smedley

St. Chrysostom's Church Vestry

Kevin Matzke, Senior Warden
Anne Driscoll, Junior Warden

John Bankhurst | 2020
Jonathan Boyer | 2020
Susanna Craib-Cox | 2019
Corey Daverman | 2018
Geoffrey Euston | 2020
Mary Jo S. Fairbanks | 2018

Aaron D. Fershee | 2018
Patty Lane | 2019
Felicia Norwood | 2021
Brian Quinlan | 2021
Christopher Quinn | 2019
Hayden Rhudy 2021

Richard Shepro | Chancellor of the Vestry
Lindsay Roberts | Clerk 

Axel Burlin | Youth Rep