About Holy Baptism and Application

We are thrilled that you or someone you love is considering being baptized into the community of Christ. According to The Book of Common Prayer, "Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ's Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in baptism is indissoluble."

Baptisms will be celebrated:

Sunday, January 7 (Epiphany)
Saturday, March 31 (Easter Vigil)
Sunday, April 1 (Easter Sunday)
Sunday, May 20 (Pentecost)
Sunday, June 17

Candidates for Holy Baptism and their sponsors are required to meet in a small group setting with a clergy person for five sessions of catechesis. (The old-fashioned word for "training and preparation," catechesis was a three-year process in the early church). Small groups will meet in the fall, winter, and spring upon request.

Each candidate or the candidate's parents will be paired with a sponsoring leader or leaders from the church. To register yourself or your child for a catechesis class, please contact the church office at 312-944-1083 or complete the form below.


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