Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant

At St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, the celebration and blessing of a marriage is a sacred occasion. Far more than a social occasion, a Christian wedding is first and foremost a worship service. St. Chrysostom’s takes seriously the responsibility of upholding those who enter the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. 

Weddings are certainly occasions of celebration and reverence – celebration at the love two people have found in each other and reverence reflecting the deep and serious commitment they make to live out their vows under the grace of God. We take both very seriously and the staff and St. Chrysostom’s is eager to help you make your wedding lovely and meaningful. In order to accomplish this together we ask you to become familiar with and respect the guidelines set forth here to provide clarity and facilitate planning for all parties involved.

We respectfully request that no arrangements involving the church facilities, clergy, or musicians be announced until approval from the church has been received.

Who may be married at St. Chrysostom’s

Members of the St. Chrysostom's congregation can be married here. It is expected that members support the church through a financial pledge. It is our wish that you might see St. Chrysostom’s as your church home, a place to worship and be fed, a place to seek God and each other as you begin your life together. 

Becoming a member

If you desire to become a member of St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, please contact the church office to speak with one of the clergy. They would be more than happy to help you through the process of transfer, baptism, confirmation, or reception as necessary per your specific needs. Attendance at our Newcomers Class and your support of the ministry of St. Chrysostom’s through a financial pledge is part of membership.